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Writing a story together is a fun way to interact and be creative. It also gives children a chance to utilize the words they have learned to create something new and unique. 


  • Print and space words carefully. Small lowercase letters, such as “a” should be written the full height of one space (on lined paper). Capital letters and tall lowercase letters, such as “t,” should fill two spaces.

  • On a computer, choose a large, boldface type style between 16-20 pt. Double space lines as you type.

Story Starter Ideas:

  • A trip to Grandma’s, a museum, or a plane ride

  • All about a favorite pet

  • Real or imaginary playmates and adventures

  • “What I want to be when I grow up”

  • Take-offs on favorite fairy tales and other favorite read aloud books

  • Write a letter to someone special

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