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Our 4 1/2 year old son was intimidated at the idea of trying to 'read a book', but we love games in our house, so he was easily persuaded into trying the I'm Ready for Reading™ game. The familiarity of playing the match-style card game made for an easy set up. After playing the first matching game only ONE time, our son felt confident to try to read the book associated with the game. The smile on his face and the pride he felt when he read his first book was a once in a lifetime moment! He wanted to read the book over and over, mastering every page. The fear of failure associated with reading was replaced with excitement and eagerness to read more books! We immediately started playing with the next set of matching cards, and continue to build more reading skills with the previous books he has already read. I know I'm Ready for Reading has helped our son with his confidence as he approaches any book, and has helped prepare him for his Kindergarten curriculum!

-Happy customer and proud mama,

Tina Getsy

My 7-year-old daughter Josephine has struggled with reading, and gets frustrated doing flash cards and other strategies to help her memorize. We have tried many different reading programs and tutors, but they only make her more frustrated. When we tried the I’m Ready for Reading™ game, it immediately made learning fun. She is memorizing her words and having an amazing time doing it. She doesn’t realize how much she is learning through a game she loves to play! We are so happy we tried I’m Ready for Reading™ because it has made nightly struggles into family fun!

-Mother of 4,

Kimberly Gunn

My son just turned 6 on Monday. He is really bright, but tends to lack confidence, particularly in school. Over the past several weeks, he has been flat out refusing to read at school, to the point where he had to go read in the Principal's office one day because he refused to do it in the classroom. When I tried to read with him at home, he would shut down as soon as he had to sound out a word he was unfamiliar with. 

I purchased "I'm Ready for Reading" and played it with him last night. At first he refused to play and said that he hated this game. I literally had to force him to sit down and even try it. Within minutes after starting the game, he got really into it. He was matching the words, giving hi-5's and said several times that it was really fun. After the words were matched, he read the first book and laughed, because he said it was like reading a funny riddle. He said it was fun, but stated he didn't want to play any more that night. Literally less than 2 minutes later, he said he changed his mind and wanted to do another game. Same results during game 2! 

Flash forward to this morning. Over breakfast, he was talking about how he wanted to play/read another two games/books tonight after dinner. Then, after lunch, I got a call from my son and his teacher from school. It was the first "good" call I've received from school (and believe it or not I have pretty regular contact). My son excitedly told me that he had a great day at school and that he did all of his reading today! His teacher told me it was one of his best days ever! 

I know that it's only been 24 hours, but the turnaround in his demeanor is profound. I feel like "I'm Ready for Reading" gave him the confidence to try, and I'm very excited to continue going through the games/books with him to help him build his skills and his confidence in reading!

-Mother of 3,

Deb DeLeers

I want to congratulate you on your excellent game/program I'm Ready for Reading™. Yes, my son did (and does) love it, but as a teacher, I do not consider that to be the acid test of excellence. I rate it highly because it taught, and it taught while sustaining a high level of interest. One reason I liked it was that the game was split up into very manageable steps, and the little booklets gave instant gratification. This kept him going. He wanted to go on to 'the next one' and I was the one who said, 'Wait, tomorrow!' In summary, you've done a great job. I hope your program continues to be a 'best seller'.

I love I'm Ready for Reading™. It has improved my child's reading 100% in a very short time.

I would like to let you know how your wonderful product, I'm Ready for Reading™ has helped my 6-year-old, Mandy. Two days after Mandy received the set, she could read me the book "Run!". She is so proud about reading that her work and attitude at school have improved greatly. It has helped my daughter and I get closer because we take thirty minutes to an hour out of our day just to read one of your books. I have even seen her take it out and play Matchword with a friend.

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