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Children are natural story tellers. Young realists can weave complicated tales from everyday experiences. Dreamers make up fantasy worlds populated by fairy princesses and enchanted frogs. Recording these stories on paper personalizes the link between spoken language and reading. This activity gives your child the opportunity to create a story, read it, and hear other people read and enjoy the same words.

Materials Needed:

  • Lined paper and a bold color marking pen OR

  • A computer and printer


The Adult’s Roles:

  • The adult acts as the catalyst in the creation of the story by filling the roles described below:

    • Story Starter - introduce the activity and offer starting suggestions if necessary.

    • Secretary - write or type your child’s words and sentences.

    • Editor - leave the dictation unchanged unless your child approves changes needed for readability.

    • Reader - read the completed manuscript for your child’s final approval.

    • Reading Partner - point to the words and read with your child, allowing him or her to read newly learned words alone.

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