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The Matchword™ cards can be linked together to make sentences so silly, you will both be giggling wildly. This activity provides your child with practice reviewing already learned words and a chance to experiment with grammar.

Materials Needed:

  • The first Matchword™ game, OR a combination of any of the other games.


How to Make a Silly Sentence Train:

  1. Spread all of the cards you will use face up on the floor.

  2. Assemble a silly sentence as a demonstration. For example, “The mat is in the cat.”

  3. Show your child how to add words. For example, “The fat red mat is in the big cat.”

  4. The only rule is that sentences should be complete. Teach this by example rather than trying to explain it.

  5. See who can make:

    • The silliest sentence

    • The longest sentence

    • The shortest sentence

    • The sentence with the most descriptive words

  6. Ask each other to add words that answer questions. For example, “What color is the big cat?”

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