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Children who need a simple introduction to word matching and reading like this Matchword™ variation. You work with just five different words and seven cards at a time. More experienced Matchword players like to play this variation as a review game, matching and reading to beat the clock. 

Materials Needed:

  • Any deck of Matchword™ cards

Setting up the game:

  1. Separate the matching cards so you have two piles with 15 different words in each one.

  2. Arrange the words in each pile in the same order.

  3. Take the first five cards from one pile and place them face-up in front of your child.

  4. Read the words from left to right. Direct your child’s attention to each word card by running your index finger along it as you read.

  5. If this is a review game, let your child read the words.

Playing the game:

  1. “Deal” two cards from the top of the second pile: these will match two of the cards you have already placed down. Don’t read these yet.

  2. Have your child find the matching word cards and read the words, or you read the words to your child. Your child then places these four cards in a win pile.

  3. Replace the cards your child took, drawing from the first pile to make a new line of five cards. Deal two new matching cards from the second pile, and repeat the game.

  4. For review: How quickly can your child read all the words in the deck?

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