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I'm Ready for Reading™ kit contents


Color coordinated Matchword™ cards and story booklets make it easy to navigate through the series

Kids love to play games, and they like to win - especially against their parents! I’m Ready for Reading™ is a two-part system that teaches children reading vocabulary by playing our Matchword™ games to learn new words, and then reading those words in corresponding story booklets, made just for them. Matchword is like playing a game of memory, but with words instead of pictures. It makes learning new vocabulary playful and exciting. Once children have mastered all 15 words included in a Matchword game, they will be able to read the corresponding story booklet all by themselves! After all ten games have been played, and all ten story booklets have been read, your child will have learned 150 NEW WORDS that are essential to early reading vocabulary. 

Im Ready for Reading™ reading game. The matching game that teaches kids to read

Each I'm Ready for Reading™ kit includes 10 Matchword™ games, 10 corresponding story booklets and a Parent Guide

Created by a reading specialist, I’m Ready for Reading™  helps children learn to read in a matter of hours, with assistance from an adult reader. Geared toward children ages 3-7, I’m Ready for Reading teaches 150 basic words using ten different Matchword™ games and corresponding story booklets. Once children learn these words, they will be able to read the ten stories included in this kit independently! To use I’m Ready for Reading successfully, we recommend that your child has developed a mastery of letters and letter sounds.

The words included in I’m Ready for Reading™ were selected because of their simplicity for beginner readers. As some of the most commonly used words in the English language, they will help accelerate your child’s reading fluency. Many of the words in I’m Ready for Reading are grouped into families of words that sound alike. These rhyming words teach children to recognize word patterns and use letter sounds to read new words, making it easier and more fun for them to learn.

I'm Ready for Reading™ Run! word matching game

Read words learned playing Matchword™ games in corresponding story booklets


I’m Ready for Reading™ turns learning new words into a game, motivating children to want to play more. After playing a few rounds of a Matchword™ game, a child can pick up the corresponding story booklet and read it all on her own. This creates a strong sense of accomplishment, empowering children to read more. After mastering all of the words taught using I'm Ready for Reading, a child will be able to read several popular early reading books, such as Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. For a complete list of books, please check out our Suggested Reading List.

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